Saturday, February 1, 2020

Sunrise and sunset JOY

Sunrises and sunsets begin and end our days at the Ashram

They soon became really important guides to me as I lost track of days, dates and times. It became a ritual to watch for the sun rising and compare it and it's colours, the sky and cloud formations, to the previous day. I did not see it every day as some mornings were misty and somehow the sun rose behind the mist and suddenly appeared at around 10am in the sky as we finished our 3 hour yoga class and looked forward to brunch. Sometimes I took a chair from one of the huts and sat along the path with my morning herbal tea and banana, often after performing a shatkarma (more in another blog post) or internal yoga. 

The wake up drum/bell was at 5am every morning and the sunrise was around 6:30am so my day began very much in the dark. Welcoming the sun to each day filled me with joy.


Watching the setting sun, often accompanied by Nico practicing flute, also became a ritual fave of mine and I am thrilled that I asked Sir for this treat in the suggestions book after missing the sunset every day for a week as we were in internal yoga calls in the shala from 4pm to 6pm as the sun set behind the banana trees.

I was sad.

The first sunset I watched brought immense joy to my soul and I began to truly appreciate the rhythms of nature, cycles of the sun and stars and living more aligned with time.

Every evening was different.
Each sky was unique.
What a blessing colour is and how wondrous nature is.

Pink has always been a favourite colour and I chose it for the Shine. Sparkle. Radiate branding. So when the sky performed pink shades, I was thrilled. It never lasted long and as I didn't have access to my phone as it was stored away in a green topped Tupperware marked F20, I simply stayed very present and watched with my eyes rather than through the lens of a phone. 
It was far more impressive that way. And infinitely more mindful.

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