Saturday, February 1, 2020

Holy Cow

Holy Cows

During my time in Karnataka there were numerous festivals. In fact, every day seemed to be a festival with loud music and chanting from the local temple all night, which despite my earplugs (necessary in a dorm of 30 women), I could still hear.

One of them and I don't know it's name sadly, surprised me immensely as the cows were coloured with rice powder paint including their horns which often, it seemed to me, resembled the Spanish flag as yellow and red together were very popular. 

Whizzing around Mysore in one of my free time escapades, I managed to just about snap some of these coloured holy cows wandering amongst the horn beeping traffic and crossing highways without a care in the world, clearly oblivious to how jolly they looked in their colours.

Even calves were painted.

Every day the villagers brought small groups of cows to the ashram fields to find grass to eat. Some were almost tether free whilst others; perhaps the more unruly ones, were tied by ropes tethering one leg to their neck so that when they walked they are obliged to twist their necks towards the front leg that is tied.

I do not like this.

What I do like is holy cow attitude and that they go where they want, when they want and at the speed they want. I saw cows entering shops and shopkeepers shooing them out. I saw cows blocking roads and causing traffic jams amongst a cacophony of honking horns and shouts from tuk tuk drivers, bus drivers, lorry drivers and private car drivers. 

I think I will adopt me some "HOLY Cow" attitude

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