Thursday, February 6, 2020

Detoxing Bliss

In November I completed a 5 day water fast following my first ever colonic irrigation.

Why? I hear you cry shrugging your shoulders.

Well, I have a bit of a thing about challenging myself, leaning dangerously out of my comfort zone and exploring the strength of human potential. I also wanted to see how my body reacted to a good clear out in preparation for my ashram experience.

I have to confess the colonic irrigation bit felt very odd. Warm water is pumped into your large intestine through a rubber tube inserted in your anus and then just when you feel you may burst, it is all sucked out along with any fecal matter lurking in your tract. The process is repeated about 6 times as you lie on your back, discretely covered by a towel, knees up.

On getting up, it's a quick dash to the loo to allow the last remains to escape and celebrate your shiny, clean insides.

The next days, sticking to my research and plan, I drank water only; filtered in charcoal with lime, lemon or cinnamon for a bit of flavour.

I slept a lot
I walked the prom a lot
I watched a fair bit of Netflix and meditated loads

I felt very pleased with myself after 5 days but ohhhhh the detox headache was painful

So arriving in the ashram, after a fairly boozy birthday, Christmas and time in Bangalore, I expected to suffer badly with my new regime of clean; no alcohol, caffeine, sugar, spices, oils, very little protein and very bland meals of a rice or rice flour carb and a vegetable curry.

Perhaps I was distracted by the intensity of the 3 hour yoga classes and punishing daily routine but I suffered not.

The days began with wake up bell/drum at 5am and at 6:15am I had a herbal tea and banana.
At 7am yoga asana class started and went on until 10am.
Brunch was served by the karma yogis at 10:30am (by which time we were all ready for food)
11am to 12:30pm was karma yoga time, shower and rest time.
12:30pm to 3pm was lecture time with a 30 minute papaya snack time halfway through.
We had internal yoga; pranayama, breathing, meditation and yoga nidra from 4pm to 6pm.
6.30pm was supper time.
Mantra and Kirtan began at 7:30pm and went on for an hour.
9pm was "everyone in dorm" time.
Lights out and final bell/drum was 9:30pm.

We were kept busy, no?

I do wonder if I really lived this experience sometimes or if I imagined it

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