Friday, January 31, 2020

Ode to my yoga mat

I LOVE my yoga mat.

For Mother's Day this year I came up with the idea of owning a recycled and eco friendly yoga mat to do my bit for the Planet. I asked Eliza and Louis to buy me the said mat as my Mother's day gift and set about researching, locating, ordering and paying for my mat.

It took me a wee while and I found my favourite mat and chosen gift at Sundried

It's made of jute and is thick, non slip and springy.

It has been my support and safe place for the last month. I have spent hours with it.

 Standing on it.

Sitting on it.

Kneeling on it.

Lying on it.

Breathing on it.

Crying on it.

Snoring on it.

Sleeping on it.

Ohhhh and practicing yoga on it.

I can highly recommend this brand and mat if you are looking for a non rubber option and think the price is worth it.

Eliza and Louis, if you ever remember you didn't pay me back for my Mother's day gift...My mat will probably outlast me so I gift it to you!

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