Friday, January 31, 2020

lizards, toads and squirrels

I confess I have a fear or rather, a repulsion of snakes. I think it is the way they slither around that I really don't like.

I do like lizards though...normally. Well, I like European lizards who are small and sneak around, minding their own business silently.

I like toads too. Wouldn't want one in my bed. Wouldn't want to lick one. But I do like their hoppy jumps and croaky voices and buggy eyes.

Squirrels are cute. The red ones are more cute or should it be cuter? than the common grey ones that are often thought of as pests in the UK. But all squirrels with their bushy tails and clever balancing tricks are cute to me.

In INDIA I discovered that girls often have a serious phobia of lizards. Toads hide in the toilet bowls and jump out when you are squatting over them (can't say I blame them mind. I would not want to be poo'd on) and squirrels scream whilst fighting in the rafters, waking you in shock from a relaxing Yoga Nidra after an intense class.

 All 3 of these "cute" critters are capable of making noises that give you the jitters, especially above you in the dark of night time or sleep. And lizards like to fling themselves out of rooves as if they are trying to paraglide and land with a thump in your dinner plate, on your  yoga mat or if you are really "blessed", on your face as you doze off to sleep.

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