Sunday, December 29, 2019

Today I travel to Mysore

Yesterday was a relaxed day at my hotel which meant sleep and laptop charging. I achieved this by asking Reception to do it for me and they very kindly then gave me an adaptor which I can't get to work in my room.


I am sure I can find a solution once I get to the Ashram

Talking of which...
This is where I am going;

In the evening I met up with Tony who had played cricket during the day and we went to a restaurant with a good reputation and had a great experience again!

 I was feeling rather amused with the protective plastic you can buy at Amazon, on the toilet seat. You press the button and it spins round.
We went to a bar afterwards called COMMMMMMUNITI and it was incredibly western with my kind of music, lots of cocktails and trendy young folks with a vibrant international look.

My Uber driver got me back to the hotel and despite the howling air con noise, I slept really well again.

I CONFESS to now being a tad nervous as I wait for a car to collect me to take me to Mysore. Will it arrive? Will we get to Mysore? 

What an experience!

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