Friday, December 27, 2019

The Journey Begins

A lovely beach walk on Christmas day, only 2 days ago

I spent a beautiful day with these two beauties; Julie, my lovely friend and healthy chef, event planner, Celebrant and all round fabulous woman and Henry the 27 kilo British bulldog she is currently house and dog sitting for has begun and here I am sitting in my bed at a Heathrow hotel doing last minute jobs before I shower and go to breakfast and then make my way to terminal 5 for my flight to Bangalore at 13:45 today. It feels very surreal and i have the same excited, nervous feelings I had when at age 23 I joined a Raleigh international expedition as a venturer and went off to Botswana for 3 months. Yet I am now 53 and not that young girl fresh out of teacher training with a lifetime ahead of her. I feel calm inside and know that life transformation will come out of this solo journey.  

When I read about yesterday's Solar Eclipse and New Moon I couldn't believe how "perfect" the timing of my trip to India is.

Self growth
Heightened Intuition

Wowwww, how could I have known, in July, when i booked the trip that the timing was so remarkable? I guess it is all about TRUST and that is exactly what I am doing. I trust that this trip will bring me transformation and growth and expansion. I trust I will find my path ahead and be in flow. I trust that whatever happens is for my learning and highest good.

As I type away and charge all my devices ready for my flight, I feel gratitude for the time, space, finance and support to be able to go on this journey now. 

See you in INDIA...

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