Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Packing List and fear

With only 8 days until I head to Heathrow to catch my BA flight to Bangalore, my brain has turned to the packing and mental preparations. 

Last week I went to check on my vaccinations and had a Typhoid jab. I am not really into vaccinations and avoid any that are not obligatory but as I have bought travel insurance, I know it will only pay out, should I need it, if my vaccinations are up to date. Many, no! a few years ago, when I finished teacher training at Uni, I participated in a Raleigh International expedition to Botswana and hung out  a whole lot in the Kalahari desert and Okavango Delta. Towards the end of my 3 month stay, I contracted something nasty; either Typhoid salmonella or Amoebic dysentery. It really didn't matter to the expedition Doc at the time, or me to be fair, as lots of us were very sick and rolling around in tents with high fevers and hallucinations. To cut a long and forgotten story short, I survived and know that Delhi belly is bound to be on my marked cards at some point during the next 6 weeks. 
Note to self: don't forget the probiotics and water purifying tablets

I am ready!

Things I have been worrying about;

A SIM card for travel times as I have a 2 1/2 hour taxi ride from Bangalore to the ashram in Mysore. I believe this will be similar to a roller coaster high speed chase with added cows and elephants, overpacked buses and tractors thrown in for the dodging of.

The electricity sockets. these are 5 pin so a friend, Tony, who lives in Mumbai very kindly sent me a video to show how sticking a pencil in the earth pin will work with my European plugs; sorted!

Being warm at night. I am funny and particular. I like a cool bedroom but a warm bed. I know the temperature will be around 13-14 degrees at night but can't get my head around what that really feels like in reality. Can anyone help me with that?

Is there hot water? 

Getting clean. Now I know I'm not an alcoholic, sugar or caffeine addict or eat meat but a few weeks ago I did a 4 day water fast after colonic irrigation and the detox headache was the most challenging part of the process. (P.S if you want to know more about water fasting I can explain the benefits and process) The diet is vegetarian and drinks are tea and water and from everything I've read there is an awful lot of rice to be eaten. Meal times are few and far between also but hey I will be going with the flow and TBH I'm not a fussy eater really as long as it is not dead animal.

What to do with my hair. Now this has taken up quite a bit of my mental powers over the last few days. My grey roots are popping through my highlights and I no longer like the yellow colour of my hair after the bleaching of the Spanish Summer sun. Ideally I would like it all to go silver grey over night and be done with this ageing thing but as that ain't going to happen I looked at ash hair dyes, hair colour strippers and henna. In the end I have decided to do nothing. I really don't think I will care what my hair looks like whilst I'm away and I can deal with the results afterwards.

Keeping contact with my kiddos. We have streaks on Instagram and especially, Eliza, my daughter who lives in London, is my constant source of companion with WhatsApp messages. She is a non stop advice seeker and we have fun as she learns to adult herself. I will miss this daily interaction and want it to be a positive experience for her. Who will take my place? will she have the support she needs? Will she be Ok in London and manage her essays without me? The boy is a different matter. He's 15 and mainly MIA. But when we do get to chat, I love seeing his freckly little face and smile. He lives in Switzerland with his dad and I know he will mainly be on a pair of skis for the duration of the time I am away. This brings its own set of worries. He's a thrill seeker and confident and he grew up on the mountain and in snow. Got to let that one go and leave it to his dad as there is nothing I can do!

FOMO. Yep, I may be 53 years young but I love my friends and social life and the ease of social media and WhatsApp and Facebook. What will I miss out on whilst I'm away yoga-ing and meditating and being zen? Will my clients remember who I am when I get back? Will my friends want to reconnect with me? Will I want to socialise or will I prefer my meditation rock on the beach?

Hmmmmmmmmm into the unknown I go with my grey roots, umbrella, yoga mat and open heart...

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