Saturday, December 28, 2019

DAY 1 Arrivals, visas, hotels, friends, SIM cards and so much more


I really enjoyed my British Airways flight and especially the food! Yes, I know! I really enjoyed the food which was all curry based and absolutely delicious flavours. The staff were older ladies...let's say as young as me and very kind, experienced and helpful.

All in all, it made for a very easy journey and I appreciated it all.

Arrival at Bangalore airport seemed easy...until e-visa processing.
Picture; a long queue of tired travellers at 5am, officious government officers and paperwork. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for a bit of paperwork and when it involves eye, finger and thumb print scanning I'm in. But this was slow and rather daunting. I was asked 3 times when I was leaving too which really helped me feel welcome.

I can't get any of my photos to upload to this post yet either which is rather frustrating.

My next challenge was getting cash from an ATM machine. I failed 3 times on this before finally getting some out in the arrival hall after collecting my suitcase which I was delighted to find had come on the same flight as me.

The hotel driver had been waiting over an hour for me by this time but very patiently drove me to my hotel where I fell asleep by the pool waiting for my room to be ready.


That was brief but very lovely and I was thrilled to meet up with Tony Wright, an ex Beau Soleil, Switzerland colleague who now works in Mumbai as he had flown in especially to meet me (and play cricket).

We travelled into central Bangalore by Uber to his hotel and passed Marks and Spencer, H&M, Starbucks and MacDonalds on the way and i began to realise how developed India has become since  I was last here some 20 yers ago.

After his check in, we went to a beautiful restaurant and finely dined on delicious flavours all served on a banana leaf and drank champagne. This was followed by a visit to a Vodaphone store where 6 young men were sitting waiting to serve clients. It took patience and more photos and paperwork but I got a 2 month SIM card and access to data. My Orange, Spain data bill had reached 60 euros in less than 3 minutes as i turned it on in Arrivals to receive a PIN to get onto the FREE Airport wifi (which I never actually managed to do any way).

Last night, I Ubered back to my hotel near the airport and fell asleep. Thankfully, the driver got me here and I flopped into bed. There is a very scarily of^dd whining sound at regular intervals and I initially thought it was a very upset dog howling. As it is there all the time; day and night, I now attribute it to water heating and am very glad I  won't be staying in this room  too much longer and that I slept like the living dead last night.

My latest challenge to solve is how to charge my laptop.

So far none of the adaptors and my charger work together so watch this space for a cunning solution...if i can find one.

If you don't see a post again soon...

I failed!

Take care and see you soon

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