Monday, December 2, 2019

About Me


I'm Niki, a mother, a daughter, an intuitive healer and Coach for mothers and daughters and a soul seeker on my journey to discover myself and stop the noise in my head.

Well, that's what I think I'm doing by going to Mysore in India for an intensive 300 hour yoga teacher training.

I used to be a teacher.

I spent almost 25 years of my life on this planet dedicating my days to helping children read, write and think and I hope I made a difference in their lives; at least a little bit because I sure gave it my all.

If you are a teacher yourself, you will know just how intense a profession it is. Holding space for up to 30 excited, stimulated and often noisy children keeps you on your toes mentally and physically and putting your own physical and mental needs on hold can leave you drained and exhausted after an 8 hour plus day.

And then there is the marking and lesson preparation...

And the communication with management, colleagues and parents...

Plus the assessments, data analysis and constant research to stay at the top of your game...

Ohhh yes! as someone kindly pointed out last week, there are the holidays.

But is that the reason most teachers choose the profession?

I believe it's because we are caregivers and believers at heart and we want to see young souls soar. There is a buzz when you hear or witness a student having a breakthrough. When you see they get it after finding it elusive or difficult. There is a joy when they learn something new and you have helped them get there. There is pleasure in creating lessons that allow them to grow and expand as humans and a delight in seeing them happy and content.


I love yoga

And for some time, probably a lot longer than I consciously realize, I have harboured a bucket list passion for heading to India, to the source of yoga and completing an intensive yoga teacher training. 

I am a single mum and needed to provide my own 2 kids with an education in English in which ever country we were living in so I literally put my own dreams and goals on hold to be able to do this for them. They are my priority above all else.

In September 2018, Eliza, my daughter left our home in Barcelona, Spain to start University in London and study Pyscho-social studies and at the very same time, Louis my son, with my blessing and support, chose to go to the most amazing school in Switzerland where his dad works.

I found myself with a huge emotional and physical hole which I initially fell down.
The grief of not holding them every day was excruciating and I felt such a loss and wound.

Then one morning, a little voice inside my head told me to accept this gift of time for me. 

I saw the possibilities as opportunities for my own dreams and ambitions and began to envision my growth and upleveling.

I decided to leave teaching. Yes! leave my profession and concentrate on using my healing and intuitive gifts, all my holistic therapy and coaching training and focus on Shine. Sparkle. Radiate, a mothers and daughters empowerment project that came to me in a meditation in 2017.

Whoop whoop

I also saw the doors open to travel and study and exploring who I really am. 


It's my time to find out more. it's my time to go with the flow.

I am heading to Mysore on December 27th from London Heathrow and this is the blog of my journey.

The journey of a soul seeker.
Join me for the ride...

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