Sunday, December 29, 2019

Today I travel to Mysore

Yesterday was a relaxed day at my hotel which meant sleep and laptop charging. I achieved this by asking Reception to do it for me and they very kindly then gave me an adaptor which I can't get to work in my room.


I am sure I can find a solution once I get to the Ashram

Talking of which...
This is where I am going;

In the evening I met up with Tony who had played cricket during the day and we went to a restaurant with a good reputation and had a great experience again!

 I was feeling rather amused with the protective plastic you can buy at Amazon, on the toilet seat. You press the button and it spins round.
We went to a bar afterwards called COMMMMMMUNITI and it was incredibly western with my kind of music, lots of cocktails and trendy young folks with a vibrant international look.

My Uber driver got me back to the hotel and despite the howling air con noise, I slept really well again.

I CONFESS to now being a tad nervous as I wait for a car to collect me to take me to Mysore. Will it arrive? Will we get to Mysore? 

What an experience!

Saturday, December 28, 2019

DAY 1 Arrivals, visas, hotels, friends, SIM cards and so much more


I really enjoyed my British Airways flight and especially the food! Yes, I know! I really enjoyed the food which was all curry based and absolutely delicious flavours. The staff were older ladies...let's say as young as me and very kind, experienced and helpful.

All in all, it made for a very easy journey and I appreciated it all.

Arrival at Bangalore airport seemed easy...until e-visa processing.
Picture; a long queue of tired travellers at 5am, officious government officers and paperwork. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for a bit of paperwork and when it involves eye, finger and thumb print scanning I'm in. But this was slow and rather daunting. I was asked 3 times when I was leaving too which really helped me feel welcome.

I can't get any of my photos to upload to this post yet either which is rather frustrating.

My next challenge was getting cash from an ATM machine. I failed 3 times on this before finally getting some out in the arrival hall after collecting my suitcase which I was delighted to find had come on the same flight as me.

The hotel driver had been waiting over an hour for me by this time but very patiently drove me to my hotel where I fell asleep by the pool waiting for my room to be ready.


That was brief but very lovely and I was thrilled to meet up with Tony Wright, an ex Beau Soleil, Switzerland colleague who now works in Mumbai as he had flown in especially to meet me (and play cricket).

We travelled into central Bangalore by Uber to his hotel and passed Marks and Spencer, H&M, Starbucks and MacDonalds on the way and i began to realise how developed India has become since  I was last here some 20 yers ago.

After his check in, we went to a beautiful restaurant and finely dined on delicious flavours all served on a banana leaf and drank champagne. This was followed by a visit to a Vodaphone store where 6 young men were sitting waiting to serve clients. It took patience and more photos and paperwork but I got a 2 month SIM card and access to data. My Orange, Spain data bill had reached 60 euros in less than 3 minutes as i turned it on in Arrivals to receive a PIN to get onto the FREE Airport wifi (which I never actually managed to do any way).

Last night, I Ubered back to my hotel near the airport and fell asleep. Thankfully, the driver got me here and I flopped into bed. There is a very scarily of^dd whining sound at regular intervals and I initially thought it was a very upset dog howling. As it is there all the time; day and night, I now attribute it to water heating and am very glad I  won't be staying in this room  too much longer and that I slept like the living dead last night.

My latest challenge to solve is how to charge my laptop.

So far none of the adaptors and my charger work together so watch this space for a cunning solution...if i can find one.

If you don't see a post again soon...

I failed!

Take care and see you soon

Friday, December 27, 2019

The Journey Begins

A lovely beach walk on Christmas day, only 2 days ago

I spent a beautiful day with these two beauties; Julie, my lovely friend and healthy chef, event planner, Celebrant and all round fabulous woman and Henry the 27 kilo British bulldog she is currently house and dog sitting for has begun and here I am sitting in my bed at a Heathrow hotel doing last minute jobs before I shower and go to breakfast and then make my way to terminal 5 for my flight to Bangalore at 13:45 today. It feels very surreal and i have the same excited, nervous feelings I had when at age 23 I joined a Raleigh international expedition as a venturer and went off to Botswana for 3 months. Yet I am now 53 and not that young girl fresh out of teacher training with a lifetime ahead of her. I feel calm inside and know that life transformation will come out of this solo journey.  

When I read about yesterday's Solar Eclipse and New Moon I couldn't believe how "perfect" the timing of my trip to India is.

Self growth
Heightened Intuition

Wowwww, how could I have known, in July, when i booked the trip that the timing was so remarkable? I guess it is all about TRUST and that is exactly what I am doing. I trust that this trip will bring me transformation and growth and expansion. I trust I will find my path ahead and be in flow. I trust that whatever happens is for my learning and highest good.

As I type away and charge all my devices ready for my flight, I feel gratitude for the time, space, finance and support to be able to go on this journey now. 

See you in INDIA...

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Packing List and fear

With only 8 days until I head to Heathrow to catch my BA flight to Bangalore, my brain has turned to the packing and mental preparations. 

Last week I went to check on my vaccinations and had a Typhoid jab. I am not really into vaccinations and avoid any that are not obligatory but as I have bought travel insurance, I know it will only pay out, should I need it, if my vaccinations are up to date. Many, no! a few years ago, when I finished teacher training at Uni, I participated in a Raleigh International expedition to Botswana and hung out  a whole lot in the Kalahari desert and Okavango Delta. Towards the end of my 3 month stay, I contracted something nasty; either Typhoid salmonella or Amoebic dysentery. It really didn't matter to the expedition Doc at the time, or me to be fair, as lots of us were very sick and rolling around in tents with high fevers and hallucinations. To cut a long and forgotten story short, I survived and know that Delhi belly is bound to be on my marked cards at some point during the next 6 weeks. 
Note to self: don't forget the probiotics and water purifying tablets

I am ready!

Things I have been worrying about;

A SIM card for travel times as I have a 2 1/2 hour taxi ride from Bangalore to the ashram in Mysore. I believe this will be similar to a roller coaster high speed chase with added cows and elephants, overpacked buses and tractors thrown in for the dodging of.

The electricity sockets. these are 5 pin so a friend, Tony, who lives in Mumbai very kindly sent me a video to show how sticking a pencil in the earth pin will work with my European plugs; sorted!

Being warm at night. I am funny and particular. I like a cool bedroom but a warm bed. I know the temperature will be around 13-14 degrees at night but can't get my head around what that really feels like in reality. Can anyone help me with that?

Is there hot water? 

Getting clean. Now I know I'm not an alcoholic, sugar or caffeine addict or eat meat but a few weeks ago I did a 4 day water fast after colonic irrigation and the detox headache was the most challenging part of the process. (P.S if you want to know more about water fasting I can explain the benefits and process) The diet is vegetarian and drinks are tea and water and from everything I've read there is an awful lot of rice to be eaten. Meal times are few and far between also but hey I will be going with the flow and TBH I'm not a fussy eater really as long as it is not dead animal.

What to do with my hair. Now this has taken up quite a bit of my mental powers over the last few days. My grey roots are popping through my highlights and I no longer like the yellow colour of my hair after the bleaching of the Spanish Summer sun. Ideally I would like it all to go silver grey over night and be done with this ageing thing but as that ain't going to happen I looked at ash hair dyes, hair colour strippers and henna. In the end I have decided to do nothing. I really don't think I will care what my hair looks like whilst I'm away and I can deal with the results afterwards.

Keeping contact with my kiddos. We have streaks on Instagram and especially, Eliza, my daughter who lives in London, is my constant source of companion with WhatsApp messages. She is a non stop advice seeker and we have fun as she learns to adult herself. I will miss this daily interaction and want it to be a positive experience for her. Who will take my place? will she have the support she needs? Will she be Ok in London and manage her essays without me? The boy is a different matter. He's 15 and mainly MIA. But when we do get to chat, I love seeing his freckly little face and smile. He lives in Switzerland with his dad and I know he will mainly be on a pair of skis for the duration of the time I am away. This brings its own set of worries. He's a thrill seeker and confident and he grew up on the mountain and in snow. Got to let that one go and leave it to his dad as there is nothing I can do!

FOMO. Yep, I may be 53 years young but I love my friends and social life and the ease of social media and WhatsApp and Facebook. What will I miss out on whilst I'm away yoga-ing and meditating and being zen? Will my clients remember who I am when I get back? Will my friends want to reconnect with me? Will I want to socialise or will I prefer my meditation rock on the beach?

Hmmmmmmmmm into the unknown I go with my grey roots, umbrella, yoga mat and open heart...

Monday, December 2, 2019

About Me


I'm Niki, a mother, a daughter, an intuitive healer and Coach for mothers and daughters and a soul seeker on my journey to discover myself and stop the noise in my head.

Well, that's what I think I'm doing by going to Mysore in India for an intensive 300 hour yoga teacher training.

I used to be a teacher.

I spent almost 25 years of my life on this planet dedicating my days to helping children read, write and think and I hope I made a difference in their lives; at least a little bit because I sure gave it my all.

If you are a teacher yourself, you will know just how intense a profession it is. Holding space for up to 30 excited, stimulated and often noisy children keeps you on your toes mentally and physically and putting your own physical and mental needs on hold can leave you drained and exhausted after an 8 hour plus day.

And then there is the marking and lesson preparation...

And the communication with management, colleagues and parents...

Plus the assessments, data analysis and constant research to stay at the top of your game...

Ohhh yes! as someone kindly pointed out last week, there are the holidays.

But is that the reason most teachers choose the profession?

I believe it's because we are caregivers and believers at heart and we want to see young souls soar. There is a buzz when you hear or witness a student having a breakthrough. When you see they get it after finding it elusive or difficult. There is a joy when they learn something new and you have helped them get there. There is pleasure in creating lessons that allow them to grow and expand as humans and a delight in seeing them happy and content.


I love yoga

And for some time, probably a lot longer than I consciously realize, I have harboured a bucket list passion for heading to India, to the source of yoga and completing an intensive yoga teacher training. 

I am a single mum and needed to provide my own 2 kids with an education in English in which ever country we were living in so I literally put my own dreams and goals on hold to be able to do this for them. They are my priority above all else.

In September 2018, Eliza, my daughter left our home in Barcelona, Spain to start University in London and study Pyscho-social studies and at the very same time, Louis my son, with my blessing and support, chose to go to the most amazing school in Switzerland where his dad works.

I found myself with a huge emotional and physical hole which I initially fell down.
The grief of not holding them every day was excruciating and I felt such a loss and wound.

Then one morning, a little voice inside my head told me to accept this gift of time for me. 

I saw the possibilities as opportunities for my own dreams and ambitions and began to envision my growth and upleveling.

I decided to leave teaching. Yes! leave my profession and concentrate on using my healing and intuitive gifts, all my holistic therapy and coaching training and focus on Shine. Sparkle. Radiate, a mothers and daughters empowerment project that came to me in a meditation in 2017.

Whoop whoop

I also saw the doors open to travel and study and exploring who I really am. 


It's my time to find out more. it's my time to go with the flow.

I am heading to Mysore on December 27th from London Heathrow and this is the blog of my journey.

The journey of a soul seeker.
Join me for the ride...